Book & Paper Conservation


Riley Dunn & Wilson is dedicated to preserving the nation’s written heritage for future generations. The Company offer academic institutions and individuals the services of the leading privately-owned book and paper conservation studio in Europe.

Our expert conservation team has a wealth of experience in book and paper conservation, restoration and repair of damaged publications.

We can offer guidance on how to maintain and protect the health of books, and are able to perform treatments that arrest decay and prevent further deterioration of paper as well as restoring bindings, casings and covers.

Our experts can advise on the most appropriate treatment for individual books or full collections, along with their storage, thus helping to safeguard the cultural or academic value of a collection as well as its financial worth.

For sales, enquiries or advice on book & paper conservation:

01324 621591
Mon–Thurs: 8.30am–4.30pm
Fri: 8.30am–2pm


Riley Dunn & Wilson is the UK’s leading book and paper conservation and heritage presentation company, based in Falkirk, Scotland.
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